Oryen Network Launching At Potential Market Bottom

In recent years the use of cryptocurrency as a digital trading system has become increasingly popular. However, the last year has been rough for the crypto market, with many investors suffering huge losses and losing their trust in crypto trading. 

A new tool that could potentially revive the crypto market known as The Oryen Network (ORY tokens) is about to launch. 

There could not have been a better time for it to do so. With the global crypto market at a potential bottom after a devastating year with many people starting to become hesitant to invest in crypto projects, it is the perfect opportunity for Oryen to enter the market. 

By introducing innovative solutions to the current market problems and a wide variety of features and benefits, the Oryen Network will likely become a leader in the industry. With the Oryen Network launch, the crypto market’s future is looking bright.

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Oryen Network’s Unique Features

The Oryen Network comprises four unique features. These four features make the Oryen Network stand out from the other competing tokens.

  1. Fixed APY (Annual Percentage yield):

The APY is the interest rate that investors get on their tokens, and in most of the tokens in the crypto market, the APY is constantly changing depending upon the market condition; however, that is different for ORY tokens with a fixed APY. 

ORY tokens having fixed APY results in the OAT paying ORY tokens holders a fixed interest rate of 0.177% daily or with a compounding 90% annually.

  1. Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallet:

The RFV is a separate wallet that collects funds to stabilize and support the liquidity pool, thus preventing the liquidity pool drain because liquidity allows the trading of ORY tokens.

  1. Faster Rebase Rewards:

Rebase rewards pay ORY stakers every hour or 24 times daily, much more than other market tokens. Users will get Rebase rewards by simply buying and staking ORY tokens in their wallets, which will automatically increase every hour.

  1. Oryen Auto Staking Technique (OAT) Protocol:

Oryen’s OAT protocol is a new and unique technique that makes financial services simpler for users and starts staking the tokens as soon as a user buys ORY tokens and immediately enables the funds to begin earning rebase rewards.

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Benefits Of Launching At A Potential Market Bottom

The Oryen Network has chosen to launch at a potential market bottom; it could not have picked a better time. The trading market is currently at a potential bottom after a rough year, which is excellent news for Oryen. 

Considering all the optimism surrounding the ORY tokens by analysts and the massive growth in price of the ORY tokens in recent days, which may go even higher by the time of launch, Oryen can single-handedly revive the crypto trading market by launching now.

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With a substantial market share, Oryen will be in an excellent position to become the industry-leading token. Oryen is poised to capture a large percentage of the market thanks to its innovative features that put the ORY tokens a level above its competitors. 

The OAT protocol, RFV wallet, and a fixed APY are each exclusive features that will set Oryen apart from other tokens in the market.

How Oryen Network Can Revolutionize The Market

The Oryen Network has the potential to revolutionize the industry by using its unique features, like the OAT protocol, which simplifies staking on the platform to a straightforward buy-hold-earn mechanism. 

So, you don’t need to lock your funds to start earning passive income on Oryen. 

Oryen addresses the inherent volatility problems with crypto. The RFV wallet holds varied crypto assets deployed to keep ORY tokens stable when prices fall. 

This technology ensures ORY tokens’ value appreciates over time—Oryen’s Treasury pairs with the token stability function.

How Can Users Access And Use The Oryen Network Tokens?

Users can get more knowledge about the Oryen Network through their website. The ORY tokens are currently in the presale phase, in which investors can buy them at a discounted price but will have to wait for the Oryen Network tokens to go live to start trading/staking. 

Users will be required to sign up and create an account; once the signing-up process is complete; the user can start crypto investing in the Oryen network.

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The Final Say

The Oryen Network is about to launch, and there could not be a better time for it to do so, with the global cryptocurrency market currently being at a potential bottom, making it the perfect opportunity for Oryen to enter the market. 

By launching at this time, Oryen can restore the trust of the investors in crypto tokens and can capture a significant share of the crypto market, and restore the crypto market to its former glory. 

With a substantial market share and unique features, Oryen Network will be well-positioned to become the leading token in the crypto market.