About xBitcoin Club & XBTC Capex Club model

xBitcoin Club – The Beginning of the our Journey

xBitcoin Club, also knows as XBTC Capex Club started with a team of two people who were passionate about cryptocurrencies and the potential in trading crypto assets. They enjoyed studying different trading strategies and thrilled to see how some assets evolved over time but still showed similar patterns while comparing live price data with historical events (also called backtesting strategy). As they started gaining knowledge in trading, they decided to share this knowledge with traders around the world and build a community under the xBitcoin Club echo system.

When crypto trading was first becoming popular, it was too complicated to do it since there wasn’t too much information available to the public on all the strategies that could be executed for more informed and optimal trading activity. It was all trial and error, which made room for many losses along the way.

Some years after Bitcoin’s first appearance, trading platforms began appearing on the market, There were some good ones and some terrible ones. Then the team decided that they wanted to share their crypto trading skills and knowledge with the public, and started the XBT Club with recruiting other talented developers who were just as passionate about trading.

Building an active traders community is XBTC Capex Club main goal

When The XBTC Capex Club App first launched, it had its flaws as any other trading platform. However, that didn’t stop them from their search for efficiency. One of the first things XBTC Capex Club did when advertising the platform was to ask users for their immediate feedback.

They’ve initially collected the feedbacks and took actions to improve the app features, design and slowly started to build a community and encourage traders to share trading experience, ideas and strategies with an aim to make xBitcoin Club the first social trading app for crypto traders where traders can copy or follow other traders, brainstorm together and even engage with each other about day to day life discussions.

Improve your crypto trading skills with xBitcoin Club

Thanks to the team’s hard work,  XBT Club is now an active trading platform filled with traders who want to help each other as part of the community vision that our funders aimed to build. You don’t have to be alone on your journey; if you have any questions regarding the app, you can always share it with our support team or traders community. You can ask for information on different trading strategies, markets to invest in, etc. and even follow others traders strategies.

The xBitcoin Club team is constantly working on making a better trading experience for our community. If you have any suggestions on how they can improve, your feedback is more than welcome!