Exploring the Future of Bitcoin Atoms as an Alternative Investment Option in 2023

Bitcoin Atoms is a digital currency created by an anonymous individual or group of people under the entitlement of Satoshi Nakamoto. The word bitcoin was first introduced to the world in a white paper in 2008 and the official use of bitcoin commenced in 2009. 

Moreover, this decentralized cryptocurrency peculiarly uses cryptography for security, and ever since its launch, it has been used as a medium of exchange for goods and services. However, the currency comes with a high level of risk. It is because the digital bitcoin coin is highly volatile. 

Considering its high volatility, many investors hesitate to invest in it, which makes sense too. It is vital to note that bitcoin and volatility go hand-in-hand, which means the value of this digital asset may drop or rise due to a wide range of factors. 

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So, if you are considering investing in Bitcoin Atoms, you must critically evaluate its future. Especially exploring the future of bitcoin atoms as an alternative investment option is obligatory. In this article, we have provided a list of top predictions about bitcoin atoms. 

The Future Of Bitcoin Atoms; More Exciting & More Volatile? 

The future of bitcoin is quite challenging to determine due to its high volatility rate. However, despite its high volatility risk, it has the potential to disrupt traditional financial systems, leading to being recognized as a widely used legitimate currency worldwide. 

Typically, two presumptions are circulating globally, one hint at its rise as one of the lucrative investment options—while, the other hints at its devaluation. The lateral group of people thinks that this digital currency will eventually fade away due to the influence of certain factors. It is vital to note here that the value of this digital currency depends on multiple factors, such as market demand, global economic conditions, and regulatory developments.  

In short, it is essential to do enough research before investing in it. Exploring its future as an alternative investment option is always a great idea. Here are the top predictions of bitcoin atoms in 2023. 

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Prediction # 1: Truly Global Bitcoin Adoption

Economists and finance experts are of the view that bitcoin will rise as the number one story of the year 2023. This thought started circulating after the bitcoin conference in Ghana was held. Several chief executives of different global agencies and corporations took part in this conference. 

Also, the conference highlighted a considerable number of bitcoin entrepreneurs despite this digital currency facing a rough year in 2022. Precisely speaking, Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer of the Human Rights Foundation, stated at this conference that he met people from several countries who are building on bitcoin. These countries are even including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, even Rural Cameroon, and several other conflict zones.

Seeing people from under-developed countries building on bitcoin encourages finance to anticipate the global adoption of bitcoin in the year 2023. 

Prediction #2 Second Half of 2023 Would Be More Exciting 

Another prediction regarding the future of bitcoin atoms in 2023 is that experts anticipate its rise to $30K in the second half of this year, 2023. It is noteworthy that 2022 was not an exciting year for bitcoin atoms as it has been traded as the riskiest asset throughout the previous year. It is likely due to political disruption and other factors on this digital asset’s value. 

However, in 2023, the world is anticipating to see lower inflation, fewer energy concerns, and, most importantly, a much-anticipated truce in Ukraine. All these factors will help this cryptocurrency to climb a wall of worry back to $30K once again.

Prediction # 3 – Emergence Of Brazil As The Most Crypto-Friendly Country 

Another prediction for the year 2023 is that Brazil will emerge as the most crypto-friendly country worldwide. With the staunch inflation, South and Latin America are expected to become the fastest crypto-friendly region of the world. The Government is expected to see stablecoin adoption in the current year, 2023. 

One main reason for its stabilization is that the country’s largest bank, Itau Unibanco, has planned to launch a global asset tokenization platform. This innovative platform aims to transform traditional financial products into tokens, contributing to fast bitcoin adoption in the country. 

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Prediction #4 – Twitter Is Expected To Process Dealings Using Bitcoin 

Another speculation circulating over the internet is that bitcoin will include bitcoin in its payment dealings. It is noteworthy that twitter’s payment abilities are currently restricted to peer-to-peer tipping-using. However, users are not happy with this. 

In addition, the New York Times News has published news lately that Twitter has filed registration paperwork with the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to support its payment with state money licenses which is likely to include dollars, Bitcoin, and possibly other crypto assets like Dogecoin.

Prediction #5 – Addition Of Bitcoin As The Sovereign Wealth Fund

Another positive prediction about the future of bitcoin atoms is that Saudia Arabia, known for its massive oil exports, is likely to add this digital currency to Sovereign Wealth Fund. 

As mentioned earlier, bitcoin is a highly volatile currency influenced by multiple factors. Therefore, being added as the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Saudi Arabia, we will witness a massive rise in its value. 

In addition, the Government of the world’s largest country, Russia, is also planning to settle cross-border trade in crypto assets, which will add to bitcoin’s value.

The Final Word

To conclude, unlike 2022, we are expecting a more exciting future of bitcoin atoms in 2023. We have already mentioned the most anticipated prediction regarding the bitcoin future of 2023.

However, it is essential to remember that these predictions should be taken no more than a grain of salt. It is probably because of the high volatility rate of bitcoin, which makes it harder to determine any confirmed future.